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Sink or Speak (SOS)

Are you preparing for a key presentation and want expert one-on-one coaching to help you clarify your message, create maximum impact, and leverage the power of storytelling to drive your message home? Get custom coaching tailored to your needs.

Get Ready for TED

Corporations are increasingly using TED-like events to motivate and inspire their employees, and top executives are now learning to “Talk like TED.” Get expert coaching to master the key ingredients that make TED talks so captivating and effective!

Spotlight On Storytelling

Brilliant stories have the power to ignite change, inspire action, and change lives! Learn to use storytelling as a speaking “power tool” to drive key messages home, position yourself as a leader, and gain the edge you need to advance your career.

Meet Teri Kingston

Teri Kingston, founder of Real Impact Speaking, is a speaking mentor and storytelling coach with more than ten years’ experience in public speaking. She is passionate about helping others gain expertise and confidence in their own storytelling skills in order to create real impact and business success through storytelling. Teri especially enjoys working with women who are aspiring to be, or who are already executive-level leaders, so that they can harness the power of storytelling to influence, persuade and lead.

As the exclusive TEDx coach for the recent TEDx event at Algonquin College, Teri understands the TED method of presenting information and knows how to teach it in a way that is reverent, empathetic, challenging and fun!

Teri is a contributing author to #1 Amazon Best Seller: World Class Speaking In Action, and is a prize-winning speaker with Toastmasters International (District 61). She has trained extensively with some of the best public speaking coaches in the business. In 2011, she was certified as a World class Speaking Coach™.


It was a pleasure working with Teri and all our speakers spoke highly of her engaging process and coaching skills.  She gives you a specific process to prepare for public appearances, a way to focus and center yourself, and most importantly the tools you need to connect fully with your audience to deliver a powerful message. Teri is passionate about speaking and it shows in how much she cares for her speakers. I highly recommend Teri for anyone who makes their living speaking in front of others or has a dream of giving a Ted Talk. Christopher Dore

Curator, Algonquin TEDx Talks, Professor, Algonquin College School of Business

After 15 years of public speaking, I believed that I had developed the necessary skill set to be good at it. Recently, I was fortunate to have had Teri Kingston as a coach for a recent presentation. Through her wise counsel, I was able to enhance my skills and speech delivery. She has an excellent approach to coaching and offers concrete suggestions for improvement. Overall, my experience with Teri has been positive and I found her to be highly effective. Dr. Jack Kitts

President and CEO, The Ottawa Hospital

I learned to hone the art of storytelling and that brought my speeches up to the next level… now, when I am approached by colleagues and clients who say, “I’d love to speak like you,” the first thing I tell them is, go to Teri Kingston. Not only will she teach you – she’ll bring out the best of you to deliver in any way you need. It’s one thing to be an engaging speaker – now I know it’s another thing to be one who connects.  Thank you so much Teri – you’ve brought my speaking skills to a whole new level.  And in my business, that’s a money maker! Angela Sutcliffe

Business Consultant,

After my coaching session with Teri, I was able to analyze, organize and present my thoughts clearly to bring out the crucial elements of my story.  The impact my presentation had on so many people who approached me afterwards was overwhelmingly positive. As a coach, Teri takes a sincere interest in you in a way that leaves you confident. You know that you have a hundred percent of her attention. I can definitely say that in my case she really helped me sharpen my presentation. Isobel Granger

Staff Sergeant, Ottawa Police Services

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